Why Science???

Why Science??

You see my Tobes struggles in certain situations but with the help of his incredible school he has overcome a great deal in the last year, his first year of schooling. Behaviour is not an issue, his recent report talks about my quiet, sensitive, kind well behaved boy (puffs up my chest with pride for my Tobes) but he does need help coping with anxiety and new situations.

Toby is best described as quirky and in my opinion quirky is fabulous!

But how can I help him with his confidence over the summer, the confidence to speak up in class, to think about how to solve problemsto form his own opinions instead of nodding along with others?

I found watching him suffer from social anxiety and the coping strategies he used heartbreaking. But a few months on and lots of confidence building and new strategies in place at school and we are breaking up for the summer with a much less anxious child.

Science is what I came up with, and I need to learn to ask Why? to give my boys the opportunity to answer (I have a terrible habit of answering for them).

Science teaches children about life, it involves talking and listening, it sparks ideas in the growing minds and plants the first seeds to help them create solutions to problems. So the plan for my Summer of Science started….