Can we do something for each other??

I read an interesting article asking for a favour and it really touched a nerve about how I feel sometimes but also it is something that must affect so many others so I thought maybe we can all help by doing something pretty simple.

The whole first year of Toby’s schooling I have not taken him or picked him up as I work full time and I am lucky enough to have a fantastic (and I mean flippin’ fantastic) childminder and Grandparents that do this for me. However, throw into the equation cancer and a poorly Grandad and everything had to be re-arranged, my work allowed unpaid leave one day a week and the guilt I have felt from not doing the school runs subsided just a little as I finally felt like a ‘proper’ mummy.

Now, I am really very lucky, not only is the school fabulous but the mummies are too (and Grannies, Grandads, Auntie Uncles etc etc) but that didn’t stop me from feeling uncomfortable in this new situation. I turn into this weird gabbling woman with incurable verbal diarrhoea and as I walk out of the playground I just want to go and head butt the nearest tree as I feel so stupid having said the most ridiculous things!! On the surface I guess I come across as reasonably confident but if you could hear the little people in my head questioning my every move you may think differently.

So, can we do something for each other … can you take a little and look around and if you see someone that looks a little uncomfortable or someone that has just moved to the area, could you do something for them, can we give a reassuring smile, go and have a chat, I mean I am not asking for us all to form a lifelong friendship (though this could potentially be the case) and have play dates all the time, but a little reassurance would go a long long way.


2 thoughts on “Can we do something for each other??

  1. Nice blog Sarah, touched bit of a nerve for me. As we approach our 2nd move in 8 months, I really hope someone will share your point of view and I will get some smiles at the school gates in September. Just as I have made some friends it’s time to move on and to be honest I’m not really looking forward to it. Also like you I worry about my little Alfie having to settle in another school, we have had a visit it seems lovely, but I can’t help worry about him. He is a quiet one to, I have noticed his confidence grow whilst at his current school, but feel we will be starting all over again in September. If you find any of the Science stuff helps, would you let me know so I could give it a try please. Xx

  2. Hi Vikki,

    I hope little man’s transition goes well, I am sure it will, I often worry far more than what I should. They are more resilient than we give them credit for sometimes. I am currently making a little holiday plan with different experiments, the idea is that Toby can start thinking about things himself which will hopefully make him more confident to speak up in class. One thing that has helped is Tae Kwondo, it has increased his confidence but also his motor skills. I am going to the school gates tomorrow with a smile and will look around and make sure if someone needs a smile they will get one. If we all do the same …….. good luck with the move, Lots of love xx

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