Tear ducts in overdrive… Reception – Done!

How can it be that this academic year finishes tomorrow and my boy migrates from Maple to Willow.   The tearful facebook status of a year ago seems so long ago and whilst it has had emotional points, the pride I have from being this amazing little creature’s parent makes my boy my biggest teacher and my inspiration to try and be the very best Mummy that I can be.

I have spent this evening writing teacher cards and trying to put into words how thankful I am to bigfoots school for the most incredible introduction to his schooling . I mean how do you put into words how grateful you are for encouraging, nurturing and inspiring my precious boy.

It has been a tricky year in that it has highlighted a few quirks that bigfoot has, he is a worrier and can tie himself in knots worrying, but this and other quirks make him the caring little (big) lad that he is. He is fiercely loyal to his close friends and in school is quiet, well behaved and kind (I am certain they would be surprised by his loud boisterous behaviour at home!).

Every parents evening starts, “your dear boy” and I puff my chest out with pride at the amazing little man he is becoming. Tobes tries so hard, I mean almost every day for the last year he takes the register at home * thank you to the school office for sending home the template and the ‘actual’ pens his teachers use (all the biros I bought just weren’t right)*.   He loves writing at home, almost constantly and I even had to get him a little numicon set even though in general I am opposed to plastic kids stuff in the house.

His teachers totally ‘got’ him, they understood my boy and put into place the most amazing support that has made Reception so superb, has helped him cope better with his emotions and is sending him into year one with a skip in his step and a new found confidence.

So as a worrier of a worrier, yes I am indeed in a panic about Year one and how my boy is going to progress, but I know deep down that whatever challenges his next year brings he will continue to be the kind, caring Toby Bear and I will continue to be the proudest Mummy on this planet!

One thought on “Tear ducts in overdrive… Reception – Done!

  1. The emotion of your little one leaving their first year of school is overwhelming!
    A mix of emotions for me as he leaves a class he is very settled in into the unknown of year one. Particularly as he is the baby of the group. Love your blogs, keep up the great work xxx

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