Bellever Day 25th July 2015 – Is it as beautiful as Heaven??


After the usual Saturday morning swimming lessons and a quick trip to the barbers we loaded up the car for a day and headed to the most beautiful place, Bellever Forest.

During Chicken Pox week in May, I rediscovered my love for the Moors and spent our week in isolation finding beautiful spots (excuse the pun) away from humans… On our 5th pox day things were getting a little scabbier and we decided to stop at Postbridge, the boys had never been there and I am so embarrassed to say that after 15 years living in Devon, neither had I.

We had an amazing day; the Post Office stores served gorgeous Langage local ice cream and also sold very reasonably priced coffee and fishing nets!! The boys spent the day in the river, playing in the long grass and crossing the troll bridge… I had spotted in their window a flyer for Bellever Day and added the date to my diary.

We left deciding to take a quick peep at the Bellever Forest *red faced embarrassment as I had never been here before either* and the boys response was adorable, a big WOW from Skinny legs and Big Foot asked whether this was as beautiful as heaven which was met with the biggest bear hug from his Mummy!

I digress (I usually do..) Saturday morning the Sun was shining and as we arrived we drove past the marvellous stalls at Postbridge and started our day with a picnic at the forest. It was glorious, we all got a tad soggy, swung on a rope swing, made friends with other families as our children played in the water together.

We then ventured down to Postbridge and the boys had a great time creating bronze age weaving, Sam loved this and for a 3 year old did a pretty good job (over, under, over, under), Tobes watched how to make Bronze though was convinced it was gold and also became a member of the Dartmoor National Park Ranger Ralph club. There was so much to do for children of all ages but also the adults had a fun filled day too.

It really was very special, a fantastic day and would recommend that as soon as I get next year’s date, you put this in your diary – awesome!DSC_3826DSC_3797


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