A day out in Bovey Tracey

DSC_3959 DSC_3943 DSC_3939On my quest to not become bankrupt by the end of the Summer hols, I am taking the boys on free days out. Roughly a £20 per week budget to include parking and hopefully an ice cream!

We headed to Bovey Park , I had crammed the boys bikes into the boot of our rather tiny car and persuaded my friend that this was going to be a lovely day out.

The boys were off… cycling around the grounds and then headed for the very well equipped park, it was busy but it was great to see all the other children enjoying their summer.

A refuel (picnic) and a bit of tree climbing then we decided to check out the skate park, now this was great for all ages and the older kids really helped the younger ones and were aware that they had no awareness. This is a concrete skate park, very smooth and very safe with curved corners and a selection of ramps to suit everyone. When the boys had tired of their bikes they joined some other children to just run and slide down the ramps, they had a ball!

Now from here you can carry on walking through the park past the outdoor gym and you will arrive at Parke, the National Trust site where there are walks for every visitor. One walk reminds me of where Victoria Plum lived and where fairies still might…. Fallen trees make great ‘dinosaur bones’ and there are often places along the river that give you a little river bank ‘beach’ to play on too.

We didn’t do this! But instead walked around the corner to Bovey Tracey Heritage Trust, this may not suit some people but for my railway children this was “cool” in the words of my 5 year old. There is a train carriage that you can go in and in the actual centre the railway memorabilia was looked at in awe along with the model railway and they loved the craft area. The volunteers were lovely and really helpful. It was a free attraction though I would suggest adding a pound or two to the pot. We left with the promise to return another day and headed around the corner to the Jolly Roger. This is a super shop that sells life size models to mainly businesses but anyone can purchase their stock. There is a huge Christmas selection, all the movie stars and a great selection of dinosaurs. The owners freely allow the public to walk through and the boys love visiting.

So by this point it is nearly 2.30pm and we head back to my friends for dinner and the children wear themselves out even more in the garden. Another perfect day x

Cost: £2 and this was the donation to the Heritage Centre. We even managed free parking.