How do I explain this all to my boys?

Big Foot and Skinny Legs keep asking when my legs will get better and we are now at a point where we need to accept that things will not be ‘normal’ and we need to make our new normal, so we need to start explaining Multiple Sclerosis to them.

I am not being negative, actually it is more that we are being realistic.  Treatment options have changed again as this is more aggressive than we first thought and there have been changes to my MRI even in a short space of time with two sessions of IV steroids.  I start Tysabri soon, and infusion every four weeks for 2 years and we are really hoping this will bring some relief to this almost constant relapse.

So I have spent weeks writing my own version of what is provided for children.  It is a lot less words, a few more pictures and it is personal to us.  I would love your thoughts on it x

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