Devon Guild of Craftsmen

With a fabulous friend and her side kick (Little Miss) we headed out with my wheels to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.  This is a beautiful contemporary craft centre which supports local business and local craftsmen, the set up is beautiful and even though many items are beyond my budget I could still appreciate the quality and beauty – I really loved the glass tiles and some gorgeous cushions and throws.  But what was also great was that they had a large selections of very affordable items that were beautiful, well sourced and within a pocket money budget (as little as £2).  There were some beautiful Christmas decorations and my friend brought me a gorgeous teal papier mache bird that my Son has named Rose (these were a very reasonable £3)!

I will back track slightly and talk about the accessibility which was, for an old building rather good.  There was a disabled access and a spacious court yard the second door opened easily and a very kind chap helped me in.  Apart from one stand everything was easy to manoeuvre around and after my friend purchasing some of the beautiful decorations we headed for the lift.  It was a tight squeeze but more than adequate and the tea rooms were spacious and again there was easily enough space for me to just wheel in and sit at the table.  The coffee was great quality and the cakes whilst I declined on this occasion looked AMAZING, Little Miss (side kick) had a rather scrummy looking hot chocolate.  There is a kids corner stocked with some toys and colouring, enough to easily amuse whilst you finish your hot drinks.

It was a really lovely visit, no catastrophes where I couldn’t get around and even with the tearoom upstairs it was very accessible.  I loved the items for sale, the staff were lovely and it was a lovely relaxed environment.  We all had a lovely lovely time.


devon guild of craft