Is this proof that Good outweighs the Bad.. A letter of thanks x

To you all,

This is to prove that with all the awfulness in the world, good still far outweighs the bad. For every baddy there were more good hearted kind people trying to help (how I explained the world news to my boys). This is also the only way I know to say thank you to some truly amazing people.

The 1st of September when in the blink of an eye the lives of my family changed and we had to come to terms with a very different normal (I won’t go into details but you can read it in my blog I never expected what happened next. In my first two weeks in hospital my friends are visiting me, calling me texting me, telling me it will be alright because they will help, in fact they promise they will do whatever they can to help my family.  I think we were all a bit shocked with what was happening but those first few days of support we will never forget.

Then at home where my two boys are anxious, missing their mummy and really not knowing what is going on and it is left to their Daddy to figure it all out, the help from my dear friends continues. Meals, a beautiful rose, childcare, offers of help.. honestly our cupboards have never been so full.. a dear friend pops in with her mum to clean the house, the washing is being done the ironing is being sorted, I mean really phenomenal stuff. The things that were within their control they did without question.

So I make it home and every day I have company, lunch, tea, freezer meals, cakes, a cup of coffee a mug of tea. I have friends on the way to work running in with an evening meal and quick cuppa and a hug. My friend (and hairdresser) popped in every week to do my hair, just to make me feel better, and it really did!  Then physio starts so I post lists of dates as I am unable to drive and all of them are covered many times over and I get to the neuro physio team without a hitch. Another relapse follows another two weeks in hospital and again you all rallied around to help.

And as a family whilst we struggle to come to terms with what has happened are totally blown away by wonderful friends.   We felt nothing other than cushioned with love and support. Many commented how positive I am and what an inspiration I am but the only reason I can be positive is because of you all, so actually you are all my inspiration.

Now let’s talk about the NHS – we won’t go into why this wasn’t spotted sooner as I cannot change what has happened but I can say that my new GP surgery is outstanding, home visits, help, phone calls for catch ups but more than that the receptionist on the end of the phone has a warm manner and the Dr’s bedside manner puts me immediately at ease. In the first 8 weeks I spent 4 in hospital where my care from the staff was simply outstanding both at Torbay and Teignmouth Hospital.

I am under the care of a neurologist an amazing man who speaks to me on a level, who tells it as it is and who I know is doing the best for me and the Nurse who within what seems like seconds of a relapse is right there, holding my hand, passing me a tissue and always nearby when I have a wobble. J and J you are awesome and whilst I have no control over this disease and the rate in which it is attacking my brain I know without question that you are doing the best for me.

Now let’s talk about my neuro-physio who I call evil but only because she makes me really work!!! I have seen L numerous times a week, she has arranged for all the adaptations to make my home easier and has not stopped trying with different avenues to get my damn left leg working again. Both L and the team I cannot thank enough for your constant support.

There are two little men who are my world, who are sensitive kind little boys who do not deserve what has just happened to us and the guilt I have for hurting their hearts when it is the very opposite I strive to do, eats away at me every day – well actually mainly at night when sleep evades me and muscle spasms are at their worst. But, they too have experienced this blanket of love, kindness and help. Big Foots totally incredible school, Skinny legs fabulous pre school where the staff at both exceed their job description every minute of the day supporting my boys. Our very amazing child minder – the boys absolutely love you and your family and you in their lives make my guilt ease a little.

So at an awful time in the world where innocent people are losing their lives so needlessly and people are questioning humanity… I have a little bit of proof that there are good people too and whatever bad stuff happens there will always be good.

And just one more time to all of you who have helped in the last twelve weeks I simply cannot thank you enough and I hope in some way I can repay your kindness.

With grateful thanks to you all,

Sarah x