#1 Infusion – 8th December 2015

I know currently all I do is ask for help but this is the most important ask of all. There are two parts to this so I will just get on with it.

Part One of Help!

So this infusion, there are side effects that include scary deadly brain virus’ and I am feeling a tad unlucky at the moment so really rather worried about it. Let’s just say I get it and get an early exit, I ask that as many of you as possible could do the following for me.

Tell my boys at every possible opportunity how amazing they are, how beautiful they are, how brave they are. Please tell them that they were my absolute world, that I loved them more than words that every part of their body I knew, every cry I understood and that every day I felt unbelievable love that I honestly never thought possible and that just grew and grew every minute.

Will you help them to continue to grow into kind caring young men with compassion for others no matter where they are from, what language they speak or what colour skin they have. Help them to understand how important kindness, equality, love and freedom are.

Help them to see that Mummy will always be in their hearts, wherever they go and whatever they do and that from afar I will continue to burst with pride at how they choose their paths in life.

Tell them at every opportunity that I love them as big as the world.


Part Two of Help!

I am obviously hoping that the two years of infusions will go smoothly and that this bloody awful unpredictable stupid disease will go into a lifelong remittance, in which case let’s just keep this to ourselves and not mention it until it is necessary. No need to comment and tell me it will be alright just please acknowledge and shelve the information and action if necessary!

Saying thank you to you all just doesn’t seem enough after everything people have done for me the last few months, but please know that your friendship has meant the world to us and the emails, comments, meals, visits, cards, gifts, haircuts, looking after the boys and kind thoughts have made us be as positive as we have been. Thank you x (but please lets never talk about this!!)hospital1 boys 12241521_10153332499728412_7212632688510971443_n