Ombudsman Ontario Collective Agreement

And check your collective agreement on the process you need to follow if you have a problem with your employer. There may be deadlines. You may need to start the process without the union`s help. The union`s decision could be “arbitrary” if it does not take into account what you want and what is best for the workers covered by the collective agreement. Here are some examples: you owe yourself what is called a “duty of fair representation.” This is the case when you ask the union for help in dealing with a problem you have with your employer regarding the rights in the collective agreement. And if your employer punishes you or threatens to punish you for acting on your right, you may be able to file a complaint with the Labour Relations Board of Ontario. Perhaps you can do that instead of using the process in your collective agreement. Or you can do both. If you are in a union, you should generally use the process in the collective agreement if your employer does not follow the agreements. The purpose of labour relations or worker bargaining is to protect discussions about the relationship between a municipality and its workers. The term “industrial relations” is widely interpreted as involving issues of unionization or non-unionization, as well as remuneration outside traditional employment agreements. The most obvious application of the exception is the debate on the negotiation of collective agreements and contracts for non-unionized workers[1], including discussions in the context of an ongoing labour dispute. [2] The exception allows for discussion of the qualifications[3] and the allowances of some workers.

It also discusses staff changes, workload and the roles of some employees. [6] Staff performance, behaviour and discipline are cancelled, as are discussions about hiring or downtime. [7] as well as discussions about hiring or terminating staff. [8] Discussions on municipal restructuring or restructuring may be covered by the exception. [9] While general discussions on organizational charts generally do not adapt,[10] issues related to the impact on individual positions, role change and working conditions are covered by the exception. [11] The waiver does not include board compensation[12] unless it is related to changes in staff compensation. [13] The exception for labour relations or worker bargaining does not involve discussions about the assessment[14] or the review[15] of a municipal service or company. [1] City of London, 24 April 2014 (Letter) [2] Township of Black River-Matheson, 9 January 2015 [3] Township of Baldwin, 9 December 2014; Town of Amherstburg, 15 December 2014 [4] Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands, 6 December 2013 [5] Municipality of Bonfield, 20 October 2013 [6] City of Welland, 18 November 2014; Village of Burk`s Falls and Township of Armour, October 28, 2015 [7] Municipality of South Huron, March 2, 2015 [8] City of Amherstburg, November 20, 2015 [9] City of Sault Ste.