Psci Data Sharing Agreement

The psci audit program was designed to assess a supplier`s performance on the basis of international pscial principles, standards and agreements, as well as local regulatory requirements for ethics, work, health and safety, environmental protection and management systems. The principles of the PSCI meet industry expectations and apply to all suppliers in the pharmaceutical and health care chain, both in developed and developing countries. There are also internal advantages. A PSCI audit identifies concrete risks throughout the supply chain and can identify and prioritize areas for improvement. It can lead to a greater awareness of international and local regulations and industry expectations. By demonstrating that you meet PSCI standards, you can qualify as an industry supplier, and pharmaceutical supply chain members rely on the psci supplier database to find reliable partners. Third, audits enhance credibility, integrity and advance management practices in ICHP member companies by enabling continuous improvement across the supply chain. Member access to supplier databases and joint audits helps to support audit costs and costs. An HSE examiner is present during a PSCI audit. It has the necessary experience and qualification for the type of supplier to be examined and is recognized in key local and national HSE regulations as well as in international standards (z.B.ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001). The PSCI audit also requires a review by a Corporate Social Responsibility Auditor (CSR) that ensures sustainable development that goes beyond compliance requirements.

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) is a non-profit organization created by a group of large pharmaceutical companies that share a vision of better social, economic and environmental outcomes for all companies in this sector. To get started, contact us directly or contact a PSCI member company. The audit facilitates decision-making regarding supplier acceptance. Companies can actively qualify as suppliers and stand out from their competitors. The risks associated with the way in the field can be identified and prioritized. In addition, subcontractors are informed of regulatory requirements and expectations. As a result of the audit, trust is established with customers and business partners through access to information, transparency and accountability. We conduct PSCI audits throughout the supply chain of international sourcing companies and for individual suppliers. Under the leadership of a committed project team, we offer continuous and transparent reporting and centralized billing. To get started, contact us directly. In an industry where health, safety and environmental issues determine the future, reviewing a PSCI audit is a clear signal to your business partners that your business is prioritizing responsible practices and effective supply chain management.

Our audit services give you access to qualified and experienced audit teams around the world and ensure transparency in the audit process. It`s a proven way to build trust between organizations active in the pharmaceutical industry and allows your company to communicate the values it represents. The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative pays tribute to our expertise in conducting social and ethical and health, safety and environmental (HSE) audits. We have already conducted more than 400 PSCI audits in more than 50 countries and continue to work closely with pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and ICH members to promote better social, economic, health, health and environmental outcomes. Make an appointment now. We look forward to showing you how a PSCI audit can benefit your business.