If There Is No Signed Lease Agreement Ontario

Hello. I hope I can relieve your stress a little. A landlord can only increase the rent once every twelve months and this rent increase must be carried out in accordance with the Housing Rental Act. If the unit is not exempted, the amount of the rent increase is set by the Ministry of Housing (the “indicative amount”). In the absence of a lease, you would be considered a month-to-month lease. With respect to the termination of the lease of a “sister” or sibling, section 48 of the Residential Tenancy Act applies. There you will see that you cannot terminate a lease so that a brother and sister can move in. Michael K. E.

Thiele I should also have mentioned that “without a lease” in Ontario, it does not matter whether or not the Residential Tenancies Act applies. A lease in Ontario can be written, oral or implied, and this covers just about any type of relationship.