Is Plural Number Agreement

In addition to verbs and their subjects, we find some adjective words that correspond to a noun that normally follows them, but sometimes unfolds, and pronouns that correspond to nouns or their equivalents. Each of these types has a few characteristics that can be barriers to successful reading and/or writing. As a result, the number of a substantive sentence does not manifest itself in the principal noun. The only exception is the supplicating couple: note that you only become a plural if it means “members of a given group” (see 63. Restrictions on the use of “one”) – there is no plural for the meaning “people in general” (see 211. General words for people). On the other hand, the possessive can only be used with the latter meaning – see sentence (c) above. Also note that gender differences between him and her and him are today often (in the interest of equality) often avoided by the use of them in all cases.. .