Land Tenancy Agreement In Uganda

A license is the authorization to enter another person`s country for specific purposes, which, in the absence of such authorization, would amount to an intrusion. A license does not grant the licensee exclusive ownership or interest in the land. 5. Although it is a well-intentioned clause of the legislator to protect tenants against arbitrary rent increases, it does not take into account cases where the lessor has funding for the development of the premises at an interest rate of more than 10% or a lessor who has carried out developments on the site justifying a rent increase of more than 10%. Yes. Any express or implied provision that purports to exclude, restrict or modify the law becomes invalid. In addition, a provision requiring the other party to bear the costs of costs or expenses incurred in preparing the lease is also null and void. This means, for example, that a clause obliging the tenant to pay the lawyer`s fees incurred by the lessor for the organization of the lease is void. “residential complex” means any building or part of an immovable leased as a separate dwelling for human habitation, where the tenancy does not include land other than the land of the building or garden or any other land situated within the curvature of the immovable; Conclusion The law encroaches on freedom of contract between the parties and, in many places, on the basis of the relaxed provisions; The intentions of the law will be nowhere given market forces.

The law also protects tenants more than landlords, but it should provide adequate protection for the rights of each party.