Your local Politicians

When you think of a Politician, what is the first thing that comes to mind, David Cameron, Nick Clegg – they might be the ones with that we see the most with the fancy titles but in your area, on your doorstep, who works for you??

Since the 2015 Elections I have been inspired by the work that goes on in our Local Community and have recently been co-opted in as a Parish Councillor and hope that I can do some things that helps the area too.  The Parish Council make decisions on behalf of the Community, they are the level of Government that are closest to the Community and from what I have seen over the last few months,  they are the people that work the hardest for you (IMO!).

The work that goes on between each Parish meeting is phenomenal and I was surprised by the duties they have.  They make all kinds of decisions on our behalf that affect the local Community, from planning, crime prevention managing open spaces and improving, delivering better services and facilities and so much more.

These are all volunteer posts and yet they may do more for you than others on a payroll.  I really hope that I can help, even if it is just a little bit.